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Axesso ripening room

Random access for precision ripening​

✓ Flexible ripening at minimal cost

✓ Access to individual pallets

✓ Energy-saving REVERSO fans 

✓ Height-adjustable curtains​.

  • Interko’s AXESSO ripening rooms are designed to offer the flexibility of shifting between ripening smaller loads of different fruits, including mangoes, avocados, stonefruit and pears, at minimal cost.

  • The random access functionality and precise temperature control means individual pallets can be ripened and removed from the room once ready.

  • Each pallet stack has its own fan and the wide aisle and spacious openings between the pallets provide easy manoeuvrability.

  • AXESSO ripening rooms can be equipped with individual height-adjustable side curtains and separation baffles made from PVC-cladded anti-bacterial foam

  • The air cooler is standard equipped with Interko’s reversible REVERSO fans, which consume less than 100 watts per pallet at full air flow, presenting considerable cost savings.

  • AXESSO ripening rooms can be operated in a single, double and triple-tier format with heavy-duty steel racking.

  • Our bespoke service can solve any other requirements.

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