Vibration isolation

Vibrations of technical installations cause annoying contact noises. The use of anti-vibrations mountings between the source and the constructional structure offers a solution to the inconvenience.

Acoustair has a wide range of vibration isolators, varying in design, material and rigidity. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and even for supporting hanging fixtures.

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Vibration mats

Vibration mats isolate vibrations from all over their surface. These mats can easily be split into parts because of their separate compartments. And because of the excellent grip, you don’t need to screw them.

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Spring isolators

For more heavy machines and installations, the vibrations can be isolated by spring isolators. This allows you to remove the vibrations of large machines out the industrial environment.

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Flush Type isolators

Flush type isolators can be created out of different materials and can be used for various purposes. The isolator comes with standard mounting holes for an easy installation.

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