Do you want fresh air in your building, but are you located in a noisy area? Ventilation without noise disturbance, with Acoustair ventilation silencers and vents. For every field of application there is a Acoustair solution. Read further below  what products we offer, and discover your solution.


A ventilation unit which is more than just ventilation, the Aeropac cleans the air and blows it silently into the room, so you are always assured of fresh filtered air. The air is filtered on fine dust and soot particles.

AGV silencers

Do you have a Velux skylight and don’t want to make any modifications to the facade to fit a silencer? Acoustair had designed and developed a special silencer, the AGV,  exclusive for Velux skylights, these are officially Velux approved. With the AGV you can enjoy fresh air without having to do a major adjustment.

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