Research rooms

Research have to be conducted in a quiet and controlled environment, a room without external influences. Hearing research is only possible in audiometric booths or rooms. Acoustair is specialized in designing and creating these rooms, with an excellent acoustic climate. Acoustair is also a specialist in designing and creating anechoic rooms, test rooms and other research environments.


This audiometric room developed by Acoustair is ideal for performing hearing research. The cabin is easy to use, because of the compact size and it’s practicability.

Anechoic chamber

An anechoic chamber is a fully anechoic environment, it is even suitable for testing of the most high-tech products. The room protects against external noise and reflects no sound from inside. 


The A-series of Acoustair are standard audiometric rooms in different sizes.  With all of the sizes, there is always a room which fits your location. The A-series rooms can be used for multiple kinds of research.

Test rooms

A test room can be used for all kinds of industrial research, like testing vehicles and engines, without creating noise disturbance.

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