Noise control

Production processes and manufacturing plants create a lot of noise disturbance, this could be harmful  to you, your coworkers and the environment. Acoustair designs and develops acoustic solutions for your specific situation.

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Within the industrial environment, Acoustair is specialized in quality solutions fitting to your situation. Together with functionality, our solutions are designed targeting usability, accessibility and safety. We develop our enclosures according to the standards of our client and the needs of the user. In this way, we create the best solution, with a guaranteed result.



These soundproofed cabins are used when there needs to be a silent place close to heavy noise disturbance, such as a production plant. The cabins can be used for safe control of the production process.


Sound barriers

Sometimes a sound barrier is more than enough to reduce the noise level of your installation. With specific measurements, Acoustair can create a sound barrier fitting your situation. It is even possible to create Acoustair barriers with extra ventilation openings.

Sound insulated doors

Doors which are used in Acoustair enclosures, cabins and barriers. These doors can also be used in building walls.

Industrial silencers

To reduce the sound level of industrial installations, industrial silencers can be used. These silencers are resisted to high temperatures, high pressure and high airspeeds. Industrial silencers are also applicable in ventilation systems.

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