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Noise disturbance in your office can lead to lowered concentration and less productivity. Often noise disturbance results in stress, sleeping problems and finally in more absenteeism. To avoid these problems, CEO Marc van Helden of digital agency Redhotminute decided to challenge noise disturbance, together with Acoustair. One of their offices, an old mansion from 1882, became totally redesigned with sound absorbing panels.

Acoustic measurements

Acoustair started with multiple noise measurements in the offices, cafeteria and the conference rooms. With these measurements, Acoustair has collected a lot a data according to the noise quality in each room. After collecting these data, they started to design the solution.

Great start

Van Helden was impressed by the start of the project. “The start showed us that Acoustair a professional partner with a wide knowledge of noise control was. Only after all of the rooms were exactly measured and all of the possibilities were discussed, they started with the development. The advice of Acoustair was clearly focused on our specific problems.”  The final solution to improve the working comfort were acoustic panels. Acoustair has hung them just under the ceiling so the panels are effective on both sides. Van Helden: “A solution which solves the acoustic problem and also connects with the design of our office.”

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