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It began in 1988, at the head office of the Flemish television channel VTM. This is where EVW (E. VAN WINGEN) and Acoustair first met. Acoustair was the supplier of acoustic panels for the recording studio’s and EVW Supplied the emergency generator. After the first contact, Acoustair was chosen by EVW to create an acoustic enclosure for the generator. Since then EVW and Acoustair work together, a collaboration where both partners challenge each other continuously to improve emergency generator solutions and cogeneration units for the clients.  

By quality standards

CEO Jean-Pierre van Wingen looks back on the first meeting with Acoustair: “Their know-how and their long term orientation were decisive, together with the high-quality products of course. State-of-the-art acoustic enclosures with an eye for detail, safety and durability. Durability is essential, our clients expect more than just a machine, they want a total solution." Van Wingen: ”The machine is the core of the solution, but the enclosure is the face. It is important that this is carefully done and according to quality standards will be conducted. Acoustair can be trusted with these projects."

The machine is the core of the solution, but the enclosure is the face.
Jean-Pierre van Wingen from EVW

Dutch and Belgian market

The great relation between EVW and Acoustair has resulted in multiple total solutions of emergency power installations for clients in almost every sector of the Belgian and Dutch market. Van Wingen tells us: “We work together on projects for the International Court of Justice, banking, drinking water authorities and hospitals. Beside these projects we deliver power solutions in aviation, railway and infrastructure projects of the Dutch government. By interacting with our clients we develop long-term relationships.” He adds with a big smile: “Funny detail: in 2015, 27 years after our first meeting, we have created a new generator for VTM. This time again with a Acoustair enclosure.”

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