Partners, for over 15 years

Sound exactly, even behind the comma, that is the slogan of EmiD ( Electro Medical Instruments Doesburg). This supplier of advanced audiological equipment is part of Amplifon, World leader in hearing solutions. To make their dreams come true, EmiD needs solid partners. Partners who are reliable in every situation. EmiD claims they have found one of these partners in Acoustair. Manager Hans van den Heuvel: “We work together for over 15 years, and we are positive about the collaboration.”

Total solutions in hearing research

Along with Acoustair, EmiD delivers total solutions in the field of hearing research for hospitals, audiology centers and hearing care professionals. EmiD delivers the advanced audiological equipment, and Acoustair take care of the acoustic cabins. “We have never had any complaints from our clients about the products of Acoustair.” Van den Heuvel says.

Determines the quality

He continues: “The technicians from our client appreciate the communication between them and Acoustair. Together they determine the location and quality of the cabin. These factors are very important for excellent hearing research.” Van den Heuvel call Acoustair ‘Reliable, punctual  and fair’. That is why EmiD want to expand the collaboration with Acoustair.

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