Specialist partnership

The design and the development of custom-made gas treatment- and gas compressor plants is a very specialist market. The quality standards and specific requirement are very difficult to meet. Eltacon Engineering in Waddinxveen is one of the finest companies operating in this worldwide market. Acoustair is helping Eltacon Engeneering for over 20 years now.

Noise cancelling enclosure

To raise the pressure of natural gas, it needs to be compressed. This process results in considerable amount of noise. “The environment and employees, for example of a horticultural area, may not be influenced by this noise,” Senior project manager Klaas Stroosma of Eltacon explains: “Acoustair develop a noise cancelling enclosure which corresponds with all of the legal and health and safety regulations.”

The speed of the design and development is so quick.
Klaas Stroosma from Eltacon Engineering

Clear communication

Stroosma adds: “Our clients have specific requirements for the enclosure, not just the color but also the quality of the bodywork and the coating. Most of our total plants have to last at least 25 years under all circumstances.” For such ‘smart’ and large enclosures, Acoustair is the preferred supplier of Eltacon. A good partnership, according to Stroosma: “The speed of the design and development is so quick, the mechanics are very flexible and they pay attention to all different interests.” Another advantage is the clear communication, Stroosma explains: ”Acoustair comes with clear proposals and clear agreements. That is why there are never surprises.”

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