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Since 1970, Acoustair is one of the most respected specialists in the field of noise control and soundproofing. We are specialized in client-specific solutions and turn-key projects. With our wide knowledge of noise control and years of experience in the branch, we guarantee quality, reliability and functionality of all of our products within our wide range.

High-quality products

The products which leave our factory are always thoroughly tested, in this way we can guarantee the quality and the products will correspond with all international laws and standards.

Our employees

Our employees are qualified and experienced professionals who stay up to date by constant training on new techniques and materials. These experts are, with their modern manufacture facilities and good communication, responsible for short delivery times.

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Nik Vaishnav

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Angie Brandt

Kevin Kruijer

Leroy Silva

Ferry Scheffers

Peter Lugtenburg

Willem Zoutenbier

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