Acoustair goes further than just delivering high-quality products, we create the total solution for your problem. We will perform the project from design to installation. Our warranty ? That’s lifelong !

  • 1. Information and analysis

    Every assignment of Acoustair starts with an exploratory conversation and an analysis on location. in this conversation, we will discover your problem and possible solution. In this way, we will create a solution in the best way possible without disturbing your company’s processes.

  • 2. Development and design

    In collaboration with our leading partners, we design and develop a noise-reducing solution fitting your situation. With comfort, safety, quality and appearance fitting your company’s image.

  • 3. Manufacturing and installation

    Because of our state of the art production facilities and qualified contributors we can manufacture and install the solution within a short period. During the installation, we will install the solution with as little interruption as possible for your coworkers.

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